Samples (mp3)

Marin Marais
Track 1 (530KB)

Joseph Bodin de Boismortier
Track 5 (330KB)

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Track 7 (905KB)

Anton Stamitz
Track 10 (720KB)

Ernesto Köhler
Track 15 (700KB)

Claude Debussy
Track 16 (375KB)

Pierre Octave Ferroud
Track 18 (325KB)

Matthias Müller
Track 21 (330KB)

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QUERBLICK is a solo program played on nine different traverse flutes. From 1700 to the present, the history of the flute is demonstrated on the corresponding instruments: baroque one-keyed flute, classical four-keyed flute, early romantic multi-keyed flute, late romantic wooden Boehm flute, modern silver flute, piccolo, alto flute, and bass flute. This CD offers: an acoustic overview of the development of the transverse flute, its construction, material, tuning, and character; an insight into the characteristic flute compositions written in each phase of its development; and a perspective on the entire traverse flute family.

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